Building Automation & Control Services at Our Engineering Firm in Houston, TX

Sound mechanical engineering in Houston, TX, is what keeps your facilities running smoothly. At the PDC Group, LLC, our engineers are skilled at providing high-quality engineering services for building automation and control. Some of these automation solutions include:

Life Safety Systems

Our life safety systems are designed to protect and evacuate the people in your facilities in the event of an emergency like fires, earthquakes, and power failures. Our engineering firm in Houston, TX, can install fire safety systems, alarm systems, and more to keep everyone in your building safe in the worst case scenario.

Computer-Driven Optimization, Control, & Monitoring

Easily monitor and control your facility’s heating, ventilation, and air condition with our computer-driven building management system. Turn your facilities into a “smart building” with the right mechanical design in Houston, TX, from our engineering firm.

DDC Integration

Obtain direct digital control of all of the systems in your building. Our DDC Integration services all you to control all of your building systems through one convenient central system.

Systems Integration

Streamline your building automation systems by combining them. Our firm can combine your HVAC controls with lighting and security access. We can even combine parking and life safety systems.

Our engineers can bring high-quality building automation and control services to your business in Texas, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Michigan.